The Bible Rhymes

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The Easter Story

Listen to this selection from Luke 22-24. The betrayal by Judas, followed by Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension.
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Active and enduring faith

Listen to James 1-2. James encourages Christians to endure hardship with an active faith, having mercy on others as we have been shown mercy.


Be pure and loving

Listen to 1st Peter 1-2. . Peter's letter to the early church encourages them to love others with humility and stand firm in their faith. click to listen


Watch out and love

Listen to the Letter from Jude. Here Jude, Jesus' half brother, calls Christians to love and warns against using grace as a pass to sin.
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The pure must always watch their tongue.
Help widows and the orphaned young.

James 1:26-27

What good is faith tacked on the wall?
Inactive faith ain't faith at all.

James 2:14-26

Work for the Father, not for pay.
Act like he'll return today.

Luke 12:13-48

Beware those who will not repent.
Give like the widow, every cent.

Luke 20:27-21:4

Devote yourself to God above.
Take care of others. Always love.

2nd Peter 1:7

Don't crave the glory God won't yield.
Nor lust for pow'r you could not wield.

Jude 11

The high priest jailed them with a smirk.
God led them out and back to work

Acts 5:17-25

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